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  • How long does the tattoo last on a child's skin?
    Our tattoos typically last 2-4 days.
  • How do I remove the tattoo?
    Our recommended approach is to use baby oil to remove the tattoo, but you can also use a little soap, water and gentle rubbing instead!
  • What happens if my child takes a shower or bath with the bandage on?
    The first time the bandage gets extremely wet, we recommend transferring the tattoo onto your child's skin at that time.
  • Can I purchase wholesale?
    Of course! We love wholesale! Please reach out to to learn more about our wholesale options.
  • Can I order customized Brandage brand adhesive bandages?
    We do offer customized Brandage brand adhesive bandages! Please reach out to to learn more about our MOQ requirements and customization options.
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