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Super Hero Kids
Brandage brand adhesive bandages

 Being Brave Just Got A Whole Lot Easier.

Children's Bandage + Temporary Tattoo

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A new bandage experience

Wearing an adhesive bandage is scary for your little one because peeling it off is painful! At Antix, we're changing the bandage experience from scary to exciting. Brandage  brand adhesive bandages rewards your little warrior by transferring a stylish temporary tattoo during the bandage removal process. Goodbye fear, hello fun!


Use it.

Brandage instructions for use

Wet it.

Brandage instructions for use

Enjoy it.

Brandage instructions for use

Assorted Pack

Coming Soon

Assorted Pack of Brandage  brand adhesive bandages.

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Brandage brand adhesive bandages assorted pack

What We Stand For

At Antix, our philosophy on life is "go with the flow."


Sometimes the flow trips you on concrete.


We say put a Brandage  brand adhesive bandage on it and look forward to what's next!


Happy Girl Jumping
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